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‘Why Are There So Many Filipino Nurses in the US?’

News America article: repost   Asian Week, News Report, Rodel Rodis, Posted: May 18, 2013 This was the question posed to me by a curious TV news reporter on May 7, just three days after a stretch limousine, carrying nine Filipino nurses to a bridal party across...

Male Nurses More Manly Than Other Men, Study Says

Article from AOL jobs: The popular image of a nurse is young, white, single and female. Sometimes she’s a sexless, humorless harpy (Nurse Ratched) and sometimes she’s a sexy bimbo (Nurse Betty). But she’s rarely a guy. If a man enters the nursing...

45, Male and Now a Nurse

NYTimes article:  BALTIMORE’S gritty Levindale section is a world apart from Ponce Inlet, Fla., the upscale barrier island where Rich Van Rensselaer owned a boutique liquor store and coffee shop before becoming a trauma nurse. If you had asked Mr. Van Rensselaer in...

UBN Mission

• Increase the overall networking system for minority male nurse
• Provide a form of advocating for the nurse
• Help increase a sense of confidence and relatedness among the members
• Add an arena of fun and less stress for male minority nurse
• Build an atmosphere where members openly express their concerns and issues professionally in a non-
judgmental setting
• Display a better understanding of the nursing profession and options
• Increase awareness of the legal aspects of nursing

All members are able to consult with other male nurses regarding generalized questions to complex ordeals in relation to the profession. Connect in our Forum and connect on a more personal level in our social media app ON CALL .

Relation is an import element in regards to comfort. Members are able to relate better to each other on issues that arise throughout their nursing career. We have found that this support system helps decrease stress which in turns provides for a better practicing nurse.

The United Brothers of Nursing aims to unite minority male nurses, promote stronger networks as well as stronger male nurses to improve the overall health system. We provide networking, consulting, nursing awareness and advocacy. Read More